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I Do (4da Low) [Explicit] Hitt Masterz Launch today #IDoTakeover #YBM

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I Do (4da Low) [Explicit]

YBM MUSIC I Do (4da Low) [Explicit]

"I Do" is more than just a bounce heavy beat accompanied by flowing inspirational rhymes- it is a motivational anthem for the millennial! Whether your an individual following their creative passions, business goal-oriented or simply pursuing the dream of the hustle, this track solidifies your ability to become a force to be reckoned with.  By treating people with the respect that they deserve, gravitating towards the people who can help you rise and deal, "I DO" breaks down everything you need to know about ultimately radiating power and driving success with networking and in life. The demands of progress and triumph often come at a price, but "I Do" stimulates young business minded individuals to stay encouraged and sparks a fire inside. Hottest Hip Hop Release

*Just whipped this up but feel free to provide me with some feedback and I am more than happy to take another stab at it.


YBM MUSIC I Do (4da Low) [Explicit]I Do (4da Low)


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