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What to expect for an Excel test at an Interview

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With Excel tests at interviews are becoming more common as Excel is such an important skill  for so many jobs . So what should you know  and how  should you  prepare for an Excel test .

For Basic Users:

You will need to know the basic Excel Functions like – SUM, AVERAGE, MIN and Max.
Also you will need to be competent in Formatting , such as

·         Borders & shading

·         Word wrap

·         Number formatting, especially  currency formatting.

·         Know how to delete formats properly.

Knowing how to access cell references in different worksheets and workbook is a vital basic skill.

Also vital, learn about Relative and Absolute references ($ sign). These are two of the most important techniques in Excel 

You can access a free online Excel course here, which covers all the above areas. It contains over 3 hours of video tutorials with assignments to test yourself .

For Intermediate users:

You will need to havel understanding of Relative and Absolute References.

In terms of Excel Functions and Formulae, knowledge of the following is  important to have.

·         IF  Function

·         VlOOKUP Function

·         SUMIF & COUNTIF

·         Text Functions like LEFT,RIGHT, MID

You must also show that you can use these Functions by relative and absolute references.

Also you will need to be comfortable with – Conditional formatting, page and print layout, date calculations, creating custom charts, data validation especially creating dropdown boxes.

For Advanced  Excel Users:

Functions & Formulas.

An advanced user of Excel must have the ability to  flawlessly write & combine formulas with  VLOOKUPS, IF, NESTED IF’S, INDEX ,MATCH, SUMIFS, COUNTIF AND  SUMPRODUCT Functions.


Conditional Formatting:

Advanced Charting:

 The top skills required for advanced charting are,

  1. Having the ability to choose the right chart for any given situation.
  2. Have the skill to create  dynamic & interactive charts
  3. Know how to combine various charts in to one.

Pivot Tables:

Expert Excel users need to be able to  analyse massive amounts of data quickly so you be required to be  very well  acquainted with all features of Pivot tables, such as  – grouping, show values as, slicers and  calculations fields & items.

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