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Congressman John Kline Advances to 'Flippable Four' in Bill Maher's #FlipADistrict Campaign

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On his show, Real Time, Maher has been calling on viewers to nominate and vote for the worst members of Congress for his #FlipADistrict Campaign. Once a "winner" is chosen on September 12th, Maher plans to throw that member of Congress into the national spotlight and help oust them from office.

Earlier this year, we at StudentDebtCrisis.org nominated Representative John Kline for Bill Maher’s #FlipADistrict campaign. In May, Maher announced that due to our Twitter campaign, Representative John Kline shot from number 75 on the list of worst members of Congress, to the number one spot. Since then, Kline has remained in the top spot, and last week, Maher announced on his show, Real Time, that Kline has advanced to the 'Flippable Four' of the #FlipADistrict Campaign.


It restores my faith in people that the candidate that garnered the most votes in the first round, the round of sixteen, is truly one of the most deserving to take a f*cking hike. From Minnesota's Second District, give a nice Real Time welcome to Congressman John Kline, the first one of our final four! Now he is not the most outrageous or quoteworthy, he's just a down-the-line rightwing asshole. The kind of guy who when people say, "Why doesn't anything get done anymore?" This guy! And ones just like him, that's why!

Help us #FlipADistrict and #FireKline by tweeting and voting today!


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