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The U.S. government wants access to data stored in the UK

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A pedestrian walks past the Google office in London.A pedestrian walks past the Google office in London.


The U.S. government wants access to data stored in the UKBy Colin Daileda2017-10-25 23:31:15 UTC

The administration of President Donald Trump has talked a lot about "securing" U.S. borders, but a potential agreement with the United Kingdom would make them a little more open. 

The two nations (along with representatives from the tech world) have been working out a plan for about two years that would force tech companies with data stored in one country to comply with law enforcement agencies in the other, according to the Financial Times

Existing legal precedent doesn't require a company with headquarters in the United States to hand over data stored in London to U.S. authorities. 

But a bipartisan group of U.S. senators wants to change that in the name — if it even has to be said — of fighting terrorism. 

Tech giants and various U.S. law enforcement agencies have had a few recent battles over privacy.

The Department of Justice issued guidelines last week saying it would (in most cases) no longer prevent tech companies from notifying customers when law enforcement goes snooping through their data. The announcement came after Microsoft sued the DOJ over the gag orders in 2016.

Microsoft was pleased with the new guidelines, but acknowledged that new rules don't provide the same protections as law. 

As for the data-sharing agreement between the U.S. and UK, the White House’s National Security Council said it "strongly supports" the legislation and "urges" Congress to pass it. 

The U.S. government wants access to data stored in the UK

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