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School is finally in session for AR Drone Pilot training

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School is finally in session for AR Drone Pilot training

Flying drones is not for wimps.

I’m not talking about the toy drones that float around your house, bouncing harmlessly off walls, people, and furniture, or even then $99 ones you keep losing over the ocean.

I mean the real deal. The DJI’s and Yuneec’s of the world. Flyers that cost anywhere from $800 to thousands of dollars.  Companies like DJI have built significant intelligence into their drones and vastly simplified the apps, but flying them is still a skill. 

The first time I flew an expensive drone, I couldn’t get used to the pitch, yaw, forward, reverse, and elevation controls and flew it straight into a tree (okay, I backed up into it).

DJI gets it and, now, with partner Epson, they’re trying to take the confusion and risk out of learning how to fly an expensive drone. You just must be willing to pay $700 to use it.

School is finally in session for AR Drone Pilot training

Image: lance ulanoff/mashable

The somewhat expensive idea is smart. Epson and DJI found a way to connect their Epson Moverio BT-300FPV Smart Glasses directly to a DJI drone’s remote-control hardware and, using a custom, free app developed by Y Media Labs, built what may be the world’s first Augmented Reality Flight Simulator. The app is available on November 6.

It’s a simple concept: Fly an AR drone around the house or outdoors before attempting it with a real one, but it’s more convincing when you try it out yourself. 

Epson’s Eric Mizufuka, Product Manager for Augmented Reality Solutions, dropped by with a DJI Mavic Pro, the drone’s remote control and his company’s Moverio BT-300FPV smart glasses. He explained that the headset is already popular among drone flyers who use it to get their drone’s point of view when it’s in-flight.

In this case, though, I got to test-fly the Mavic Drone in my office, without flying the real drone.

School is finally in session for AR Drone Pilot training


Mizufuka handed me the drone’s physical remote control, which was hooked directly to Moverio BT-300FPV headset. The Moverio glasses control module jammed into the Mavic Pro remote looked a bit s

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